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Demi, Garbo, Nick, and Joe Singing On Top Of Car

Demi Lovato, Greg Garbowsky, and Joe and Nick Jonas stopped and sang for fans in Canada.
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Joe Jonas Falling On Stage

Joe fell on stage in Toronto during the ‘Much Better’ flips. Demi also performed ‘This Is Me’ with them
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Nick and Joe Trashing Hotel Rooms?

Well….kinda….okay not really, but I think this is as close as they’re gonna get
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Joe Thinks He Has Girls Figured Out

“I think I can read girls well. I have yet to meet a girl who’s tricked me. I figure out most of the time whether she likes me or not, if I don’t have a chance or I do. I think I make myself pretty easy to read. If I like somebody, I usually tend to show it in the easiest way, either by flirting with them or just.. yeah. It’s obvious!”
-Joe Jonas (BOP Magazine)

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Seventeen’s Most Annoying Couples

JOMILLA: Look closely at Joe & Camilla. What do you see? That’s right, they look alike! So when Joe gets together with Camilla, it’s like he’s kissing an older girl version of himself. Yuck! Especially since he could be kissing us instead.. okay, we admit this one’s fueled by pure jealousy.
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